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Город: Пафос

Раздел: Полная


😎Role: Financial Manager
Projects: Residential buildings, Private Villas, Offices Construction and Fit-Out🏡
🌅Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Employer: International Fast-Growing Developer (details on interview)🖥
💶Compensation: Individual plan up to 1300 Euro (details on interview)

❗️Key responsibilities:
— Collecting, categorizing and entering requests for payment in 1C, tracking the status of payments;
— Payment of agreed applications through the online cabinet of the bank (Banks of Cyprus);
— Collection of invoices, documents-grounds for current payments, including mobile communication costs, rent, utilities, salaries, insurance, carried out from company accounts and at the expense of accountable funds;
— Control and verification of employee reports for funds issued under the report (gasoline, executive, etc.);
— Daily reconciliation of 1C with bank statements, control of the distribution of costs by category;
— Formation of invoices for payment, administration of company contracts;
— Collection, categorization and accumulation of supporting documents on payments for storage on the company’s server, as well as for transfer to accountants and auditors;
— Provision of documents at the request of banks, insurance companies, auditors, company management;
— Provision of payment orders at the request of employees;
— Conducting the necessary correspondence within its functionality (English and Russian).

‼️Key requirements:
— Practical knowledge of one or more configurations: 1C: UPP, BIT: FINANCE, 1C: ZUP 3;
— A confident MS Office user;
— The skill of working with large amounts of data;
— Fluency in languages: English, Russian;
— Knowledge of Greek is an advantage;
— Сitizenship of one of the EU countries or a work permit in Cyprus;
— Having a place to live in Cyprus is a great advantage.

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13 мая, 2022
Город: Пафос


23 000 подписчиков